Activity sectors

In terms of competence, capability, technical know-how and financial soundness, today Itinera is among the leading contractors and operators carrying out large-scale infrastructure and civil construction works.

In detail, Itinera is active in the following sectors:

The Company is also active as a Promoter of new initiatives under concession, a sector in which it stands out for having organized the financing, design, realization and subsequent operation of important motorway segments, port facilities, and public parking areas.

Itinera works principally in Italy, but since the 1980s it has grown internationally, with the Company taking a leading role in the realization of important road, rail and construction works in France, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Morocco and Tunisia; significant works that have allowed the Company and its personnel to gain international experience in the management of large-scale works and complex projects in international situations.

Today Itinera can rely on a wealth of organizational and management capabilities, a high level of professional skills and financial soundness, and also an extensive fleet of technologically-advanced equipment, that allows it to simultaneously manage and control various projects, meeting the needs for infrastructure growth in Italy over the world.

The motorway maintenance sector of Itinera is among the most highly qualified in Italy. This sector is active on 1,400 km of motorways belonging to the ASTM Group, with the construction and maintenance of road surfaces and structures, the maintenance of green areas and traffic monitoring, that contribute to always keeping the operated motorway system efficient and safe. This is supported by quarries for aggregates and plants for the production of bituminous mixtures, owned by the Group.

Over the years the Company has developed and expanded its branch activity dedicated to the monitoring of safety at its work sites and facilities, including through the quality system and ISO 9001/08 certification. The sector has been further completed with the experience drawn from the High Speed Rail projects in Italy, which require high quality and procedural standards.

With extensive experience in Italy and worldwide, Itinera operates with a constant commitment always towards the protection of the Environment, Technological Innovation, to the satisfaction of their customers.