Motorway maintenance

One of ITINERA’s main activities is ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work to keep the more than 1,400 km of motorways operated by the ASTM Group safe and efficient.

Every year, ITINERA carries out important road maintenance and resurfacing work, using bituminous conglomerate with its own fixed and mobile production plants, which make it one of today’s most highly qualified players in this specialised field.

In road maintenance, ITINERA has developed impressive expertise in the use of innovative high-performance materials such as cold recycled road foundations, various types of noise-absorbing pavings with high drainage properties, and high elastic module.

Other road maintenance operations include the renewal of concrete on structural works, replacement of bridge and viaduct supports, installation of sound and safety barriers, maintenance of green areas. Extraordinary maintenance includes rebuilding of bridges and overpasses, and construction of toll barriers and service stations.