Public constructions

Public constructions

In the public building sector, Itinera has carried out various projects, as the construction of university buildings, units used as public offices, religious buildings, recreational buildings, deploying architectural solutions by well-known architects.

Itinera has also developed an important expertise in restructuring and conservative restoration area, realizing and successfully completing prestigious projects for important public clients.

Client: Università di Trento

Description: Engineering and Computer Science Department at Trento university

Location: Trento (TN), Italy

Client: Università degli Studi di Trento

Description: University residence San Bartolomeo (TN)

Location: Trento (TN), Italy

Client: Provincia Autonoma di Trento

Description: New School of Arts Strada delle Dolomites

Location: Pozza di Fassa (TN), Italy

Client: Provincia Autonoma di Trento e Bolzano

Description: Restructuring and expansion of the school sector Francesco Crispi

Location: Trento (TN), Italy

Client: San Bartolomeo S.r.l.

Description: Restructuring of building complex at Saints Giacomo and Filippo former Convent

Location: Genoa, Italy

Client: Ministero di Grazia e Giustizia

Description: Restructuring of facade of Military Arsenal

Location: Turin, Italy

Client: Agenzia di Pollenzo

Description: Recovery and restoration of Tenuta Reale of Pollenzo

Location: Pollenzo (CN), Italy

Client: Ministero di Grazia e Giustizia

Description: Construction of four-building complex to be used to house the new Main Courthouse

Location: Vicenza, Italy

Client: Parrocchia del Santo Volto

Description: Construction of Santo Volto Church

Location: Turin, Italy

Client: Regione Valle d’Aosta

Description: Construction of Splendor Regional Theater

Location: AostaAosta, Italy

Client: Fabrica Immobiliare Sgr S.p.A.

Description: University Residence

Location: TorinoTurin, Italy

Client: Università di Torino

Description: Construction of New Einaudi Campus – Law and Political Science Departments

Location: Turin, Italy