Tunnels and underground works

Tunnels and underground works

Itinera has many years’ experience in underground construction works performed in different geological terrains and this allowed to improve the know-how of various excavation and consolidation techniques.

It has built many roads, motorway, and railway tunnels for a total length of above 100 km.

The company extensive experience enables it to successfully resolve every type of geological difficulties, using the know-how of its personnel and specific machinery and equipment to set up an effective and appropriate organization providing techniques and solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Itinera has acquired expertise particularly in the tunnel construction, using full-face tunnel boring machines (TBM), through the performance of some projects such as the Turin and Naples subway systems including the construction of the underground stations.

The Company also boasts years of experience in the construction and management of complex underground multi-store public car parks in metropolitan areas like Milan and Turin.

Client: S.I.T.A.F. S.p.A.

Description: Construction of Frejus safety tunnel

Location: Bardonecchia (TO), Italy

Client: Provincia di Bergamo

Description: Province Road former National Road nr. 470 – Variant to the town of Zogno (BG)

Location: Zogno (BG), Italy

Client: ANAS S.p.A.

Description: Construction of bypass on Aurelia State Road 1

Location: Albisola – Savona, Italy

Client: Agenzia Torino 2006

Description: Construction of Avigliana tunnel (1,750 m)

Location: Avigliana (TO), Italy

Client: Provincia Autonoma di Trento e Bolzano

Description: Renovation works on Val Badia Road (2 tunnel with a length of 3,800 m each)

Location: Val Badia, Italy

Client: Dars

Description: Construction of Le Trojane Tunnel – Celje-Ljubiljana motorway (2 tunnels with length 3,000 each)

Location: Slovenia

Client: M.N. Metropolitana di Napoli S.p.A.

Description: Construction Dante - Garibaldi section and continuation until C.D.N., depot and workshop in Secondigliano, Piazza Dante station and Montesano corridor - Line 1

Location: Napoli, Italy

Client: Gruppo Torinese Trasporti S.p.A.

Description: Construction of automatic subway in Turin – Lot 3 and 5 - Collegno-Porta Nuova section (tunnel length m 5,300)

Location: Torino, Italy

Client: Parcheggio Piazza Meda S.r.l.

Description: Construction of a public underground parking lot for 550 short term places

Location: Milano, Italy

Client: Parcheggio Piazza Vittorio S.r.l.

Description: Construction of a 3-level underground parking lot for 600 short-term parking places

Location: Torino, Italy