Sign up as a Supplier

Starting from the 01st of July 2023, Itinera S.p.A. uses SupplHi as the only portal for the Qualification of its Suppliers.
SupplHi replaces any other platform.

Thanks to SupplHi, which optimizes the process dedicated to the Vendors management, Suppliers will not have to fill in several times the same information, since these information can also be used by other Companies active on the platform.

Please proceed with the following steps on SupplHi:

  1. Start the registration process at the following link;
  2. Complete the basic – industry level – questionnaire, until reaching 100% completion;
  3. Apply for Itinera S.p.A. Qualification process;
  4. Fill in the declarations and the Qualification Questionnaire specific to each category;
  5. Update your company’s information promptly as soon as you receive notification from the platform.

All the features of the SupplHi platform are compatible with Google Chrome v64, Mozilla Firefox v64, Microsoft Edge v44 and later.

The SupplHi platform is not compatible with Internet Explorer.
For support, contact the SupplHi Team by opening a ticket from the platform or from the Log-in page.