Bridges and viaducts

Bridges and viaducts

Through the implementation of infrastructural works inserted in various orographic nature territories and in different urban contexts, the Company has improved the skill to build bridges and viaducts of various types and sizes. Thanks to the know-how and experience acquired in complex works, Itinera is now able to complete a large part of this type of work with its own resources, directly supervising its planning and management in order to reduce construction times, in compliance with the high-quality standards required by national and international clients.

Among the most significant works of recent construction stand out the Meier Bridge, an arch bridge designed by the American architect Richard Meier and built in Alessandria, the Marchetti Viaduct with a single-arch steel structure, the Lambro Viaduct built as part of the new External Ring Road of Milan (TEEM) and the Stura Bridge built as part of the Asti-Cuneo motorway infrastructure.

Client: Abu Dhabi Department of Transport

Description: Construction of tunnels related to the Zayed road network (phase 1). The project is located in the Mina Zayed area between the Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bridge and Corniche Road.

Info: Mina Zayed Tunnel

Location: Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Client: Ministry of Transport & Communications - Roads Department

Description: Construction of the cable-stayed bridge over the Okavango River, 1,161 m long, consisting of two main beams 2 m high, supported by 72 cables anchored to the two main pylons 54 m high and made of truncated conical steel sections of variable diameter and thickness.

Info: Okavango Bridge – BW

Location: Mohembo, Botswana

Client: ASTI-CUNEO S.p.A.

Description: Stura Bridge is part of the motorway infrastructure A3 Asti-Cuneo, Section 1, Lot 5

Info: The bridge has two carriageways with two lanes for each direction plus an emergency shoulder, total length 1,117 m, steel deck structure

Location: Asti and Cuneo, Italy

Client: S.A.T.A.P. S.p.A.

Description: Motorway Milan – Turin modernization and adaptation works – Bernate Ticino Variant (from plan km 098+027 to plan km 103+220)

Info: Viaduct over the Ticino River length 1,175 m, viaduct on the marsh area length 220 m, viaduct over Naviglio Grande length 54 m

Location: Provinces of Novara and Milan, Italy

Client: Tangenziale Esterna S.p.A.

Description: The Lambro Viaduct is part of the new Milan External East Ring Road (TEEM). The Lambro Viaduct has a mixed steel and concrete structure with double deck, two carriageways and three lanes for each direction plus an emergency shoulder.

Info: South Carriageway length 1,064 m, North Carriageway length 1,093 m, with a with a central span of 110 m.

Location: South of Milan, Italy.

Client: Comune di Parma

Description: Construction of a bridge over Parma River

Info: Total length 160 m, nr. 4 lanes, nr. 1 outdoor cycle and pedestrian path and one covered pedestrian path, each 10 m and 14 m wide

Location: Parma, Italy

Client: Autocamionale della Cisa S.p.A.

Description: Construction Vigna Viaduct

Info: Total length 64 m (n. 3 spans of about 21 m)

Location: Motorway A15, Italy

Client: Comune di Alessandria

Description: Construction of the new “Orti” bridge and “Tiziano" bridge on the Tanaro river

Info: Orti Bridge has a total length of 220 m, nr. 2 side spans of 60 m each, n. 1 central span of 100 m, single deck structure in prestressed reinforced concrete of variable height. Tiziano Bridge has a total length of 200 m and nr. 4 spans of 50 m each

Location: Alessandria, Italy

Client: A.T.I.V.A. S.p.A.

Description: Construction Marchetti Viaduct on Motorway A4/A5 Ivrea-Santhià (TO)

Info: Single span arched structure, total length 250 m, width 41 m with 2 motorway carriageways with three lanes each. Steel arch height 55 m, total weight 6,500 ton

Location: Province of Turin, Italy

Client: Comune di Alessandria

Description: The bridge, designed by the American architect Richard Meier, has an arched steel structure and concrete deck with steel stays

Info: Total length 185 m, width 30 m, one lane for each direction, arch height 30, total weight 3,000 ton, nr. 14 foundation piles, laid in the river, diameter 2,500 mm and length 36 m each

Location: Alessandria, Italy