Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Transparent and active Stakeholder engagement

The Group undertakes to identify and establish open and transparent dialogue with all its Stakeholders, i.e. all parties of any kind that contribute to the company’s activities or are influenced by them.
Establishing and maintaining constant dialogue with Stakeholders over time allows the Group to identify the most important sustainability issues and evaluate how to best integrate them into industrial and management activities.

Stakeholder Map

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The Itinera Group’s materiality matrix

In accordance with GRI Standards and international best practices, Itinera has defined its materiality analysis in order to identify, consistently with its strategic priorities and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the most relevant sustainability issues. Using this process, the Group has considered aspects that have a significant impact on the economic, social and environmental performance and that could substantially influence the ratings and Stakeholders’ decisions as material.

This year road safety, motorway infrastructure safe­ty, occupational health and safety and anti-corrup­tion are once again some of the most important sustainability issues for the Group. Economic/financial sustainabilityuse of natural resources and waste management and energy consumption and GHG emissions are increasing in importance.

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