Itinera & Sports

Itinera & Sports

Itinera, together with ASTM Group, invests in sports and believes in the values they represent, aware of the role that sporting activity plays in the training of people, especially youth, and in the progress of the territories in which the Group is present.
Itinera decided to sponsor Derthona Basket, a historic sports reality in the city of Tortona, where the Group has its headquarters. Currently, following a rapid rise in the Italian Basketball leagues, Derthona plays from the 2021/2022 season in the Serie A championship, which is the highest league in Italy. Ability to play in a team, spirit of sacrifice, desire to compete and win, respect for the rules are the principles that unite the ASTM Group and Derthona Basket.

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The Sport Citadel of Tortona

The Tortona local territory is promoted using the Group’s entrepreneurial approach: investing in people and in infrastructures to benefit the sport of basketball and sport activities in general.
In this context, the Sport Citadel of Tortona, which is currently under construction, will house the new 5,000-seat Sports Hall, as well as multifunctional sports facilities and large green spaces.

Cittadella dello Sport di Tortona