Roads infrastructures

Roads infrastructures

Over the years, ITINERA has established itself as a leader in the construction of roads, motorways, railways and bridges, developing significant projects in Italy and abroad both in terms of amounts and dimensions, building thousands of kilometers of roads and motorways.

Among the most important projects carried out, we can point out the reconstruction and expansion of the Turin-Milan Motorway (for a length of over 100 km), a section of the Milano – Serravalle Motorway, the reconstruction of four sections of State Roads in Romania (over 200 km), and the construction of motorways sections in Morocco and Hungary.

ITINERA has also developed important projects, organizing their financing, design, construction and operation, such as the Asti-Cuneo Motorway, and the Milan External East Ring Road.

Through management of road projects in both flat and hilly terrain, ITINERA has acquired expertise in the construction bridges, tunnels and embankments with different types of materials.

The know-how and experience it has gained means that today Itinera is able to handle most with its own resources, overseeing planning and management to optimise construction time and guarantee the high quality standards required by national and international clients.