Roads and motorways

Roads and motorways

Among the most important projects carried out, we can point out the reconstruction and expansion of the Turin-Milan Motorway (for a length of over 100 km), a section of the Milano – Serravalle motorway, the reconstruction of four sections of State Roads in Romania (over 200 km), and the construction of a motorway section in Morocco and Hungary.

ITINERA is involved in the development of important projects including organizing the financing, design, construction, and operation, such as the Asti-Cuneo Motorway and the Milan External East Ring Road.

Client: Compania Nationala de Administrare a Infrastructurii Rutiere S.A. (C.N.A.I.R. S.A.)

Description: Satu Mare Bypass

Location: Satu Mare, Romania

Client: Comune di Genova

Description: Coverage of the Bisagno River

Location: Genoa, Italy

Client: C.A.L.

Description: Milan External East Ring Road

Location: Milan, Italy

Client: Brebemi S.p.A.

Description: Brescia – Bergamo – Milano motorway link

Location: Brebemi, Italy

Client: Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda S.p.A.

Description: Motorway Pedemontana Lombarda

Location: North Lombardy, Italy

Client: S.A.T.A.P. S.p.A.

Description: Modernization and adaptation works on A4 Motorway section between Turin and Novara Est (45km)

Location: A4 Motorway, Italy

Client: S.A.T.A.P. S.p.A.

Description: Modernization and adaptation an A4 Motorway – Bernate bypass

Location: A4 Motorway, Italy

Client: Autostrade Centro Padane S.p.A

Description: Construction of Ospitaletto motorway connection (A4), new Poncarale toll plaza (A21) and Montichiari Airport

Location: Province of Brescia, Italy

Client: ANAS S.p.A.

Description: Construction of Asti-Cuneo motorway Lot 1.1

Location: A33 Motorway, Italy

Client: SCR Piemonte

Description: Construction Tortona ringroad

Location: Tortona, Italy

Client: Sviluppo Genova S.p.A.

Description: Construction of Lungomare Canepa–Piazza Savio expressway

Location: Genoa, Italy

Client: Autostrada dei Fiori S.p.A.

Description: Construction of Borghetto overpass

Location: Borghetto S. Spirito (SV), Italy

Client: Milano Serravalle Milano Tangenziali S.p.A.

Description: Construction of third lane on A7 Motorway – construction of bridge over Po river and bridge over Scrivia river – interchange with A21 Motorway (section of 20 km)

Location: A7 Motorway, Italy

Client: ANAS S.p.a.

Description: Construction of Messina-Palermo-Cefalù motorway section

Location: Sicily, Italy

Client: Societè Nationale des Autorutes du Maroc

Description: Realization of Fez – Meknes motorway

Location: Morocco

Client: Ministero dei Trasporti Budapest

Description: Construction VAC bypass on Road 2. 15 km

Location: Hungary

Client: S.I.T.A.F. S.p.A.

Description: Construction of fourth lane A32 Savoulx – Bardonecchia segment

Location: Autostrada A32, Italy

Client: S.A.T.A.P. S.p.A.

Description: Construction of access roads to A4 Motorway at new Milan Trade Fair – interchange B

Location: Rho-Pero (MI), Italy

Client: ANAS S.p.A.

Description: Construction of connecting roads to new terminal at Milan Malpensa Airport – State Road 336

Location: Aeroporto di Milano Malpensa, Italy

Client: Consorzio area di sviluppo industriale della Sardegna Centrale

Description: Consortium for the industrial development area of Central Sardinia

Location: Nuoro, Italy