ENR 2021, Itinera among the world’s leading construction companies

ENR 2021, Itinera tra le eccellenze mondiali nel settore delle costruzioni

ENR 2021, Itinera among the world’s leading construction companies

For the third year in a row Itinera improves its ranking in the ENR “Top 250 International Contractors List”, conquering the 79th place.

The international presence is growing: Itinera operates in the road and railway infrastructures, as well as civil construction sector, in 10 countries located in 4 continents, in partnership with international and local players.

Among the projects currently underway in Europe, of great importance are the works in Denmark, which include the construction of two of the country’s largest hospitals, Koge and Odense, and the Storstrøm bridge, which will be the third longest bridge in the country with its 4-km length. In Romania, the two existing contracts concern the widening of a section of the Bucharest beltway and the construction of a stretch of the Satu Mare motorway.

Outside the European area, the main projects in progress are located Abu Dhabi, Botswana and Kuwait. In the UAE, the company is building the 600,000 m2 Adu Dhabi Reem Mall for 400 retail units, as well as road infrastructures for a new area of the city. In Botswana, the iconic Okawango suspension bridge is being constructed in one of the country’s most environmentally interesting zones. Finally, in Kuwait, the road connecting the capital Kuwait City with the city of Abdaly is being built.

Thanks to its 8,000 employees and collaborators, the experience in the realisation of more than 100 km of tunnels and 1,000 km of road and railway infrastructures, together with the expertise acquired in the civil and airport constructions, and road maintenance sector, Itinera is recognised as a leader in the construction sector, both in the public and private fields.