Itinera builds “Foody”, the new agri-food market in Milan. The Mayor visits the construction sites

Itinera per "Foody", il nuovo mercato agroalimentare di Milano. Il Sindaco in visita sui cantieri

Itinera builds “Foody”, the new agri-food market in Milan. The Mayor visits the construction sites

On 23 February, the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, visited the construction sites of “Foody”, the new agri-food market being built on the outskirts of the city.

This is a particularly significant project for Milan, which will see the redevelopment of an area of 700,000 m2 through the creation of a major hub for the marketing, distribution and logistics of fresh food products, with particular attention to sustainability criteria regarding the environment and economic and social impacts. The project assumes an even greater value if one considers its context in Italy, famous all over the world for its eno-gastronomic excellence.

Itinera as leader of the Joint Venture established with Euroimpianti, both ASTM Group companies, will be involved in the execution of several aspects of the Hub. Specifically, the Joint Venture was awarded an integrated contract for the design and execution for the construction of the new fruit and vegetable pavilion “NPO 1” – which will have a length of 462 meters and a width of at 91.60 meters – with the related networks of underground services and some technical facilities.

The overall value of the project is approximately € 28 million, while the works will take approximately 16 months.

The “Foody 2025” project will allow the development of a strategic center for the entire agri-food chain in Milan and northern Italy, inspired by models already in place in the large European markets of Paris, Madrid and Barcelona.

Also through this project Itinera and Euroimpianti confirm themselves as reference realities in the construction of civil and industrial buildings all over the world.