World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development: Køge Hospital

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World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development: Køge Hospital

People, Planet and Prosperity are the pillars of the sustainability strategy of the ASTM Group’s, of which Itinera is a part. We focus on the health, safety, diversity and inclusion of people, strive to reduce carbon emissions, preserve biodiversity, and support technological innovation to contribute to the development and well-being of communities.

The Zealand University Hospital in Køge, is a tangible example of this approach. Located about 30 km south of Copenhagen, the project is an excellence in engineering for sustainable development and is set to become the largest facility in the region and one of the largest in Northern Europe by 2026. The first phase of construction, which began in March 2019, was completed in 2022 with the realization of the first building, that already houses patients. The second phase, still ongoing, involves the demolition of the previous structure and the construction of new blocks, within 2026.

The impact of the project is significant: more than 970 million euros have been invested and over 4,800 jobs generated, with a positive impact on the local economy and community. The Zealand University Hospital in Køge makes state-of-the-art services available to people, boosting the healthcare offerings of the area and of the country.

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